Our market accepts several special currencies tailored to the needs of  Adams County residents and designed to support local agriculture. Many of these currencies were developed by our partners in the community. All of them generate revenue for small farms and increase access to local food products for all members of the community.



The ACFMA is famous for its EBT Double Dollars Program. Through this program, SNAP recipients can use their EBT cards to get tokens for purchases at the farmers market. For every $1 charged to an EBT card the cardholder gets $2 worth of tokens (up to $20 per EBT transaction). This not only increases access to healthy foods by doubling the buying power of SNAP recipients, but also puts more money into the hands of local farmers. Programs like ours that double the value of SNAP benefits are becoming wildly popular amongst farmers markets across the country; the ACFMA is proud to be a part of this positive movement.


FMNP Matching program

Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks are distributed to income-eligible senior citizens and WIC clients for the farmers market season. Our certified produce vendors not only accept these checks, but the ACFMA matches the worth of every check spent with our own market-specific currency. By effectively doubling the value of FMNP checks the ACFMA incentivizes consumers to support our market vendors and helps put more healthy food in the hands of people who need it.



Healthy Options is an educational program designed to help low-income families and seniors make health-conscious choices. An initiative of the Adams County Food Policy Council, this program enables 130 families and 75 senior citizens to shop for fresh foods at our market. Healthy Options is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Healthy Adams County, the Adams County Food Policy Council, the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation, and the ACFMA. Over $20,000 is distributed in Healthy Options vouchers every market season, and every vendor is eligible to accept these vouchers.



The County of Adams supports local farmers and small businesses by providing county employees with coupons redeemable at our farmers market. These coupons can be used to purchase healthy agricultural products like fresh vegetables, pasture-raised meats, and artisan pasta. In addition to promoting healthy eating, this program also gives county employees the power to support Adams County agriculture.


Wellspan Market Bucks

Our market is happy to accept WellSpan Market Bucks. Managed by WellSpan Medical Group practices and professional Market Bucks coaches, Market Bucks are provided to low-income patients to provide healthy eating guidance and fruit and vegetable consumption. Patients diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes are provided a monthly allowance of “market bucks” to use for purchasing locally sourced fruits and vegetables.


debit/credit service

The success of our farmers market over the years has allowed us to now offer a Point of Sale (POS) system for all of our vendors. Processing debit/credit transactions can be costly for new businesses, especially agribusiness startups without a brick-and-mortar location. To remedy this, the Market Manager’s tent is now equipped to process credit/debit cards on behalf of vendors who wouldn’t normally accept this type of payment. Our vendors don’t have to turn away potential customers who may have forgotten to bring cash!