2018: ACFMA is awarded a USDA-Rural Business Development Grant for capacity building and increased management support for the growing out-reach and wellness initiatives.

2017: ACFMA aggregates its market and services to one centralize location in Downtown Gettysburg. The site is the home of Rabbit Transit providing vital transportation services to area residents including seniors.

2014-2016: Awarded a USDA-Farmers’ Market Promotion Program grant in partnership with SCCAP. This two year project aims to grow key market benchmarks and expand outreach services throughout Adams, Franklin and York Counties.

2014: Since 2011, market sales generated from com-munity outreach programs increased by 170%. A strong indication that the Association is reaching families that need these benefits the most.

2008-2013: Awarded Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Direct Farm Sales Grants to increase marketing, build capacity, develop an online presence, recruit and support new vendors, stimulate new business and develop wellness programs.

2010: Received funding from Capital RC&D to provide wireless debit services and EBT avail-ability for SNAP recipients at each market location.

2010: Expanded the Board of Directors to in-crease expertise and collaboration in the areas of health, nutrition, food policy and culinary skills.

2011: Partnered with Wellspan Health to provide incentives for SNAP usage through a Double Dollars Program. The program expanded in 2015 to include WIC/Senior FMNP with additional support from the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation and Healthy Adams County.