Since our formation in 2010, the Adams County Farmers Market Association has made many great strides in our multi-faceted mission to support local farmers, promote small businesses, and advance community health. Below are the some of the most critical accomplishments of our organization in these efforts.


2018 - USDA rural business development grant awarded

In 2018 the Adams County Farmers Market Association was awarded a USDA Rural Business Development Grant to help support our mission of fostering local agribusinesses through capacity building and increased management support for the growing out-reach and wellness initiatives.

2016 - The acfma publishes a 6 year progress report

In 2016 the ACFMA published a 6 year progress report, describing the positive impact of our market on community health and the success of our many outreach and wellness programs. This progress report has been an excellent resource for sponsors, Gettysburg residents, and visitors who seek to understand more about the ACFMA and our role in the community.

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